Professor Teaches Windows 7 Advanced

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Chapter 1: Advanced Navigation
• Utilizing the Super Bar
• Using Jump Lists
• Viewing Libraries
• Working with Send To
• About Windows Touch

Chapter 2: Protecting Windows Against Threats
• Introduction to Windows Security
• Working with the Action Center
• Managing Firewall Settings
• Using Windows Defender
• Setting Internet Security Options
• Using Parental Controls
• Updating Windows 7

Chapter 3: Managing Your Computer
• Managing Peripheral Hardware
• Performing Disk Maintenance
• Working with Programs
• Backing Up and Restoring Files
• Troubleshooting Problems
• Obtaining System Information
• Getting Remote Assistance

Chapter 4: Interacting with Other Computers
• Transferring Computer Settings
• Viewing Your Network
• Sharing Files and Using Public Folders
• Using the Small Business Center