Professor Teaches QuickBooks 2021

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Chapter 1: Accounting Basics
• QuickBooks and Accounting
• Understanding the Chart of Accounts
• Working with Financial Statements
• Managing Transactions
• What are Debits and Credits?
• Cash and Accrual Accounting Methods

Chapter 2: Introduction to QuickBooks
• What is QuickBooks?
• Overview of QuickBooks Tasks
• Starting QuickBooks
• Creating a Company File
• Specifying Features for Your Business
• Understanding the Home Page

Chapter 3: Setting Up Lists
• What are Lists?
• Building the Chart of Accounts
• Entering Opening Balances
• Adding Customers
• Adding Jobs
• Adding Vendors
• Understanding Attached Documents
• Using the Document Center
• Understanding the Employee List

Chapter 4: Creating Items
• What are Items?
• Adding Items for Products
• Adding Items for Services
• Reviewing Other Items
• Adding Sales Tax Items
• Working with Timesheets

Chapter 5: Entering Transactions for Incoming Funds
• What are Transactions?
• Understanding the Incoming Funds Workflow
• Creating Invoices for Products
• Creating Invoices for Services and Products
• Viewing Changes to the Chart of Accounts
• Receiving Payments
• Making Deposits

Chapter 6: Entering Transactions for Outgoing Funds
• Understanding the Outgoing Funds Workflow
• Entering Bills
• Including Timesheet Hours on Bills
• Paying Bills
• Writing Checks
• Printing Checks
• Using the Check Register
• Banking Online

Chapter 7: Maintaining Financial Information
• Reconciling Bank Accounts
• Making General Journal Entries
• Printing Forms
• Backing Up and Restoring Data
• Setting QuickBooks Preferences
• Getting Help
• Exploring Intuit Community

Chapter 8: Working with Reports
• Overview of the Report Center
• Understanding the Balance Sheet
• Reviewing the Profit and Loss Statement
• Generating Report Graphs
• Viewing Customer and Vendor Reports
• Using Report Templates
• Customizing Reports
• Memorizing Reports
• Using Company and Customer Snapshots
• Using Calendar View
• About the Lead Center