Professor Teaches Publisher 2019

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Chapter #1: Office Workspace Basics
• Basic Window Elements
• Exploring Microsoft Office Backstage
• Working with the Ribbon
• Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
• Working with KeyTips
• Using the Status Bar
• Getting Help

Chapter #2: What is Publisher?
• Exploring the Task Pane
• Getting to Know the Publisher Screen
• Opening an Existing Publication
• Building Blocks of a Publication
• Navigating a Publication
• Getting Help
• Saving Closing and Exiting

Chapter #3: Establishing an Identity
• Creating Publications for Print
• Using Blank Page Sets
• Modifying Page Layout
• Modifying Page Layout
• Using Rulers and Guides
• Working with Master Pages

Chapter #4: Inserting Text into a Text Box
• Formatting Text
• Importing Text
• Using Cut Copy and Paste
• Changing the Alignment of Text
• Using Text Styles and Font Schemes
• Using the Format Painter
• Adding Bullets and Numbering
• Inserting Headers and Footers
• Modifying Text Boxes
• Using Find and Replace
• Correcting Spelling and Grammar

Chapter #5: Inserting Tables
• Working with Text in a Table
• Using Table AutoFormat
• Formatting Tables
• Applying a Border to a Table
• Adding BorderArt
• Using Catalog Merge

Chapter #6: Creating Drawing Objects
• Using AutoShapes
• Modifying Drawing Objects
• Importing a Graphic File
• Creating WordArt
• Using the Design Gallery
• Inserting Clip Art
• Saving a Publication as a Template

Chapter #7: Previewing a Publication
• Using the Design Checker
• Saving a Publication as a Template
• E-Mailing Publications
• Converting to a Web Publication
• Creating a Web Publication
• Modifying Web Pages
• Inserting Hyperlinks
• Previewing Web Pages
• Publishing Web Pages