Professor Teaches OneNote 2016

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Chapter 1: Introduction to OneNote
• What is OneNote?
• Using OneNote
• Getting Started with OneNote
• Exploring the OneNote User Interface
• Working with the Ribbon
• Understanding Backstage View
• Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
• Using Dock to Desktop
• Getting Help
• Creating Passwords for Security

Chapter 2: Collecting Information
• Creating and Configuring Notebooks
• Creating Pages and Subpages
• Taking and Saving Notes
• Entering Content onto a Page
• Understanding Note Containers
• Formatting Notes
• Spellchecking Notes

Chapter 3: Adding and Annotating Content
• Adding and Organizing Sections and Pages
• Creating Unfiled Notes
• Copying Content to Notebooks
• Attaching Files
• Adding Screen-clippings to Notebooks
• Adding Pictures
• Introducing Penmode
• Converting Handwriting
• Adding Equations
• Working with Audio and Video
• Tagging Notes

Chapter 4: Formatting and Sharing Notebooks
• Working with Notebook Templates
• Setting Default Templates to Sections
• Changing Backgrounds
• Setting Notebook Properties
• Printing Notebook Content
• Saving and Converting Notebooks
• Sharing Notebooks on the Web
• Backing Up Notebooks