Professor Teaches Business Planning

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Chapter 1. Introduction to Business Planning
• Defining the Purpose
• Identifying Customers and Markets
• Describing Products and Services
• Setting Strategies and Tactics
• Relating Numbers to Text
• Developing the Plan

Chapter 2. Defining the Business
• Describing the Company
• Structuring the Organization
• Building a Management Team
• Refining the Business Proposition
• Conducting Feasibility Analyses
• Outlining Implementation

Chapter 3. Strategic Planning
• Targeting Customers
• Characterizing the Market
• Forecasting Sales
• Managing Cash Flow
• Understanding the Financials
• Defining Business Goals

Chapter 4. Tactical Planning
• Planning Operations
• Setting Milestones
• Assigning Responsibility
• Allocating Resources
• Maintaining Timelines
• Assessing Results

Chapter 5. Completing the Plan
• Writing the Plan
• Providing Financial Details
• Using Charts and Graphs
• Linking Dollars and Sense
• Summarizing Sections
• Preparing an Executive Summary

Chapter 6. Submitting the Plan
• Using the Plan
• Building Consensus
• Persuading Lenders
• Convincing Investors
• Locating other Funding