Professor Teaches Access 2016

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Chapter 1: Office Workspace Basics
• Basic Window Elements
• Exploring Office Backstage
• Working with the Ribbon
• Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
• Working with KeyTips
• Using the Status Bar
• Getting Help

Chapter 2. Introduction to Access
• What is an Access Database?
• Opening a Database File
• Exploring Database Objects
• Creating a Database
• Changing Views
• Printing Database Objects
• Saving and Closing a Database File

Chapter 3. Working with Tables
• What is a Table?
• Working with Datasheets
• Moving Among Records
• Updating Records
• Adding Records to a Table
• Selecting Rows and Columns
• Finding Records
• Sorting Records
• Filtering Records

Chapter 4. Designing Tables
• Adding a Table to a Database
• Adding Fields to a Table
• Adding a Lookup Field
• Setting a Primary Key
• Using the Input Mask Wizard
• Saving Design Changes
• Importing Data
• Exporting Data
• Performing Database Maintenance

Chapter 5. Creating and Running Queries
• What is a Query?
• Creating a Query
• Working with Queries
• Saving and Running a Query
• Creating Calculated Fields
• Using Agregate Functions
• Understanding Query Properties
• Creating Multi-Table Select Queries
• Joining Tables
• Enforcing Referential Integrity

Chapter 6. Using Forms
• What is a Form?
• Using the Form Tool
• Creating a Form with the Form Wizard
• Working in Design View
• Changing the Form Layout
• Using Calculated Controls
• Working with Records on a Form

Chapter 7. Generating Reports
• What is a Report?
• What is a Report Tool?
• Previewing and Printing a Report
• Saving a Report
• Designing a Report
• Changing a Report Layout
• Understanding Controls
• Using a Calculated Control
• Analyzing Dependencies
• Creating Mailing Labels